Thursday, January 17, 2013

wheel within a wheel

Giles Corey : Planning For Burial : High aura'd : Ehnahre
Feb. 23rd at PA's Lounge -
An Anti-Gravity Bunny Presents Event

 some late love....

From PopMatters:
From the Honest Bagger:

From Mike Weis of Zelienople:
From Crawford Philleo of Tiny Mix Tapes/Tome To The Weather Machine :
Brainwashed digs in

Justin Farrar of QuantumNoise / Resident Advisor: 
 Sonny Baker's best.... 

also, I have 4 copies of the Bathetic comp. MIRACLE OF LOVE featuring

Angel Olsen-Cough Cool-Lee Noble-Padang Food Tigers -Villages -William Cody Watson

I'll included these for free with an order of my last copies of SANGUINE FUTURES...
just make sure to include a note in the messages...

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