Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Work/Death : Lolly Gesserit : High aura'd Outpost 186

Wednesday,June 29· 8:00pm -10:30pm
Outpost 186
186 1/2 Hampshire St., Inman Square
Cambridge, Massachusetts
All ages
$5-10 donation requested

Work/Death's sound runs from crumbling distortion and dense synth textures to delicate melodies and field recordings. "Shimmering string and organ drones...churning clouds of electronics accumulate over a haunting tonal core. There is a calm buried under all the bristling textures, a gentleness that hovers inside the static."-The Wire. Connect the dots between musique concrete, electro-acoustic improv, harsh noise and the pop song.

Lolly Gesserit is the latest project of Elijah Forest (formerly Terrors) which creates a warm grim meditative blur through tape collage, industrial/dub overtones and occasional crooning. Headphone listening for heavy rains.