Thursday, July 28, 2011

New split review from Foxy D. & some news

New review from Foxy Digitalis:
For those who like to immerse themselves completely in their music, it should come as no surprise that Stunned Records is home to yet another alternate-dimension-dominating split cassette. This time, it’s from fantastic newcomer High Aura’d and Locrian’s grim reaper AndrĂ© Foisy. The artists’ pieces are extremely complementary – each offering a completely different set of techniques and preferences that almost seem to communicate with each other. Yet the tape truly feels like one solid work of art- the sign of a good split.

On High Aura’d’s side, John Kolodij makes a whole world out of his reverberating guitar – beckoning spirits from all corners of the universe in a divine thunderstorm of sound. It’s really just awe-inspiring stuff, the kind of drone that makes you hope for a grand double-LP style album in the future. On the flip, Foisy beckons some spirits of his own, but this time, it’s from a much darker underworld of sound. Waves of evil crash through an ocean of demonic moans and devilish lurches of guitar. This is the stuff from which psychedelic nightmares are born.

Just a few points of note;
NEw re-release of Third Life on cassette with a reworking by XELA on the flipside on Sweat Lodge Guru late Summer
recording going on for a short run cassette by the mighty Ydlmier for the Fall and then a 12" for Bathetic Records
plus a few Fall dates including Sept 30th- Monkey House Burlington, VT with XELA & Corridors
and October 1st Montreal, CAN at Casa Del Popolo with XELA, Corridors, & La Revelateur