Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Grand show tonight with old friends, Kevin Micka ANIMAL HOSPITAL and the duo of
Reuben Son & Patrick Emm ESS & EMM for the Sanguine Futures record release
John Twells & Greg Kelley will join me.

Sanguine Futures now available over seas:
Petrifying cinematic dronescapes from John Kolodij's High Aura'd, with valuable mastering and arrangement assistance from John P Twells (aka Type Records boss, Xela). Bostonian Kolodij's ushered out a coupla CDrs and cassettes for Reverb Worship and Stunned Records in the last few years. But 'Sanguine Futures' is set to be his calling card for the foreseeable. Drawing upon darkest black spirits, he invokes a disconcertingly close and imminent atmospheric menace drawing parallels with Scelsi and Penderecki, or even the arctic concrete of Thomas K├Âner, but all with the intangible quality of a fevered daymare you've just woken from, yet struggle vainly to remember. That's not to say it's forgettable, more that it's really captured that liminal, barely-conscious quality to a potent degree; drifting between rusted, autumnal tones and weathered textures with uncommon ghostly grace, broodingly resigned to infinitely creak in the ether. "There's deep, rusty veins running to the heart of Sanguine Futures, pumping a dark crimson fluid, driving the machine to keep humming. There's a clicking film projector casting images onto a sheet of ice. We feel it, it's thrust into the very energy that motivates us; a feeling of love, of life, of solace, of hope and pain and fear and joy and sorrow. This is a span of sounds and tones and textures, weaved together as a lifeforce. An album this isn't, an entire affair, spanning our first to dying breaths. Heavy, spacious, frightening, and welcoming; all at once."

and Two Step

Domestically, through ME!

Made a mix for the lovely Workin' Nights Blog here
and one for Bathetic that charts the inspirations for Sanguine Futures

Some Fall dates with Sutekh Hexen-Sept. 2-4 -Philly, Providence and Brooklyn
with John Twells joining me-going to be beyond amazing

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