Thursday, June 21, 2012

Video Premiere over at FOXY DIGITALIS for the Omar Mashaal composed piece- "River Runs Like Jewels" Boston’s High Aura’d (aka John Kolodij) has been making quite the impression over the last few years on a series of exquisite short-run tapes and CDRs. And honestly, even though said releases were all very good and quite lovely in their own right, they didn’t really prepare me for the heavy, stunning mass that is Kolodij’s first LP, Sanguine Futures. Joined by Type Records boss, John Twells (who helped with arrangements and mastering), High Aura’d reaches a new cosmic plane. Solemn drones bend from the sky, echoing like endless prayers being sent to a God that never existed. It is music that aches and breathes (something particularly true for the song featured in this fantastic video by Omar Mashaal). Layers are stretched like skin over muscle, painting a pretty facade for the distressed horror that’s buried underneath. This is living, folks, and there’s nothing left to do but let it wash over you and take you away in its blackened currents.

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